H.O.B #3

  Troy, 54, Hackney, London

Troy, 54, Hackney, London

What does the Bearpit mean to you?

It’s a gathering place. It’s like a community. It’s a place where people can associate each other when no one else will really talk to us. It’s full of company, we help each other out. It’s like they say, it’s a hard sort of family.

What is your worst memory of the bearpit?

My worst memory of the bearpit is, two girls  fighting over a bottle of booze.  And it was an awful fight.

What is your best memory of the bearpit?

I was sitting by the fruit stall, this was maybe a year and a half ago. And there was this black guy and he was playing his guitar and we sang songs all night. I’d had, maybe half a bottle of vodka and a couple of spliffs. I don’t know, we just sat down and we just sang. It was brilliant.



Could you describe the community of the bearpit in one sentence?

Education. That’s all.

What is your perfect Bearpit day?

I’d be sitting here, making conversation. Without warfare, without negativity. Just talking about something positive. Just people passing through and talking.


Troy has been living on the streets of Bristol for around two years. When I asked him how he ended up in Bristol, Troy said he had moved to be with his partner who subsequently got into the wrong crowd and used drugs heavily. Unfortunately, his partner sadly died from an overdose 7 months ago. He said he still keeps her with him because when someone means that much to you, you can’t just let them go. It’s not worth it, he said sometimes he sees things or hears things and he just knows that it’s her.