Humans of the Bearpit

Humans of the Bearpit is a photography project that aims to discover the people of the Bearpit. Our vision is to bring you the stories of the community; The faces you see, connected by the stories you don’t.


The Bearpit was once known not for it’s great coffee, £1 fruit bags, Mexican food or skaters practicing their 360’s but, for it’s seemingly intimidating tunnels and rowdy, addiction fuelled behaviour.

In the last 6 years, a new element of life has been injected into it by the traders who have relentlessly showed up every day creating a space that is all inclusive. At the end of 2016, the traders merged and created a social enterprise to ‘establish the Bearpit as a destination in Bristol through trading & community activities, events & market.’

Inspired by the project Humans of New York, we use photography based media but, our project is all about getting to know the stories of the people who make up the community and using them to allow the people of Bristol to get to know them too.

The Bearpit is a diverse and unique environment and the community that uses it are no exception. We want to tell the story of the Bearpit, using the stories of the people who make it up; the traders, the customers, the commuters and the small population of vulnerable people who call this place home.

Our mission is to inspire and surprise the people of Bristol and beyond to see the beauty in the Bearpit and the mixture of humans that make it.