Our soft launch - 3rd December

On the 3rd December in conjuction with Small Business Saturday and a Bristol wide campaign to promote independence, the Bearpit traders (Bearritos, Bearpit Social & Bear Fruit) merged as one. We launched our social enterprise and we are pledging to give the Bearpit 7 years of all our attention to make it a safer and more welcoming space. Fingers crossed, together we will be stronger and it will be our mission to help change the perception people have of the space and inspire people to visit the Bearpit, use the different features (table tennis, community garden, traders) or just get involved to help us get things done. We envision the Bearpit as a true community action zone, breaming with collaboration with organisations across the city to bring the most exciting markets, events and community days.

We are excited.

Team Bearpit
Miriam, Robin, Tina & Simon