Farmdrop in the Bearpit

As some of you may know, its been a few challenging months in the Bearpit with antisocial behaviour issues rising. One thing we have learned over the years is that the only way to combat the bad is to do more good in the space. 

We are big believers in the power of collaboration and community action, and this week we are going big!

Farmdrop join us this week in the Bearpit..

You may have noticed their ads on Bristol buses or around town giving out free apples. We sat down with Lizzie to give us the lowdown! 


So, a little about Farmdrop....

 Visit to find out more

Visit to find out more


Our mission is to fix the food chain - it's in a right old mess at the moment - farmers aren't being paid properly, supermarkets are screwing everyone, food miles are insane, we don't have enough access to delicious, local food - the list goes on and on!  


We connect small, local producers to consumers using a zero waste, environmentally friendly model.  After creating a working model in London, we've taken the step to move to Bristol and knowing how many switched on foodies and amazing local producers there are, we hope to have the same success here as we have done in the capital. 


Why we're good...
- We pay our local producers 75% of the profits (supermarkets pay around 40%) 
- We deliver next day in electric vans
- We operate a click to harvest model - nothing is wasted - you order carrots, the farmer picks them from the ground and we deliver them to you & unpack straight into the fridge if you like!
- All our famers look after their land, their animals and the environment, creating a better world for everyone. 


We want to run events in spaces focused on the community and we see a real fit with the Bear Pit & hope you do too!