Internships at Bearpit Bristol

As our team grows, our responsibility grows. One of the social impact promises we are working towards is creating employment and provide training to help nurture young adults with practical skills. Having interns be part of our team gives us the possibility to potentially achieve both.

We found out about the University of Bristol & Santander Internship Scheme and thought it would be a great opportunity for us to apply.


The university runs its own internship scheme to support current students and recent graduates up to six months after graduation wanting to gain quality, paid work experience. The UoB Internship Scheme provides internship opportunities with Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the UK, including charities, social enterprises and start-ups.

For us to be eligible and having students apply was a great success in itself for being recognised and seeing the interest.


We sat down with Simmone Ahiaku, our Social Media & Communication intern supporting Miriam in spreading the Bearpit word out there!


“I’m very excited to work with Bearpit Bristol CIC because they are invoking social change within the city of Bristol. The Bearpit is an amazing space central to the culture of Bristol and I think it’s the perfect place to hold events and really showcase Bristol’s cohesive community that we all love and appreciate. Social enterprise is something I would like to go into after university and

I think working with Bearpit Bristol CIC  will help equip me with the skills needed to be in the social enterprise realm as well increase my confidence in my own abilities - all while giving me fresh and interesting experiences that will leave me with plenty to talk about in applications and interviews.”


1. How did you hear about Bearpit Bristol CIC?

Through the Bristol university careers site. University of Bristol and Santander work together with small to medium enterprises and provide great internships that equip their students with the skill needed for future employment. I didn’t know the Bearpit even had an office or that the businesses worked together, and I read that they are all collectively working together along with other i.e. cleaners, police etc to transform the bearpit into a fun, family-friendly place- i knew i had to get involved!


2. What made you want to get involved with Bearpit Bristol

The bearpit is an amazing space that is not only central in location but is also a huge part of Bristol’s culture and people. I think we could put on amazing events there that will change people’s perception of the Bearpit. Social enterprise and working with people for the people is something i’d love to get into for my future profession and I couldn’t think of any internship better to equip me with all the skills needed

3. What will you bring?

Ideas! Some of them are outlandish and I’m not sure how I could ever make some of the ideas in my head tangible events but I think sometimes you do need some fresh crazy ideas to get yourself and other people to think out of the box! I love social media and although there is a lot to learn about it, I can operate basic social media tools like hootsuite and I can use social media networks efficiently. Finally, I’ll bring humour and my embarrassingly cringey bear puns- everyone loves a good bear pun.

4. What do you want to learn?

I want to learn how to really collaborate with people and businesses so we can work together to create amazing things at the bearpit. Different people and businesses come with new ideas and way of doing things which ultimately adds onto how great we can make the bearpit. I also would like to learn how to plan events and see all the planning that goes on, this will help me put my ideas into perspective and hopefully I can learn to turn the ideas in my head into actual events. Finally I’d love to be more social media savvy- i’d love to know what to post, when to post and know that our audience will love the content! I would love to have some knowledge on the more sophisticated social media tools and possibly get better at photoshop and design!

5. What are you working on right now with Bearpit Bristol?

We are currently working only launching and promoting ‘Bare Foods’ a new concept to the Bearpit that specialises in delivering fresh fruit, veg and produce to you office.

6. How is working at Bearpit Bristol- describe your day to day?

I love that I spend my days in and out of the office, it gets my legs working. For the most part, day to day is just scheduling social media. We work a week in advance so it’s just about organising what post goes where. I also go down to the Bearpit, see what’s going on there, interview people seeing what everyone else is doing.

7. What would you like to do after Bearpit Bristol?

Not too sure, definitely something within social enterprise. I really love how dynamic the days are and the fact that I am not cooped up in an office- the office is amazing though! Sustainability and food recycling is huge here in Bristol and I would love to work with an organisation that is raising awareness of these issues or is trying to combat these issues!