Introducing Bare Foods

One of the most exciting things we are working on for the first quarter of the year is the development of Bare Foods. A new food concept store coming to the Bearpit this Spring.

Offering an exciting new fresh food options in the Bearpit, it will be a new reason to sneak out of the office.

Our first focus is expanding our fruit deliveries to offices with the added service of our bespoke snack boxes and catering options. Our website for Bare Foods has gone live this week, visit to find out what our fruit packages are.

Some of you may know Bear Fruit as the fruit shop in the Bearpit with it’s famous £1 fruit bag. Our humble beginnings under a gazebo in 2012 helped us establish ourselves as purveyors of fresh fruit. Over the years Tina has done an incredible job in developing Bear Fruit to the business it is and Bare Foods is an evolutionary success.

In order to make it all happen we are expanding our team.
Joe Heginworth joined Team Bearpit to help us deliver our plan. His role will be the buying and delivering of fresh produce for the Bearpit, growing our deliveries to offices and helping us spread the Bearpit word.

Meet Joe!


We asked Joe a few questions..

What attracted you to apply for a job in the Bearpit?

I was attracted to the Bearpit because I wanted an exciting new challenge but also wanted to be part of an organisation that gives back to the community.

What's your background?

My background has been in hospitality and catering and have been managing different premises for over 10 years.

What are your interests?

My interests are gardening and horticulture I also love to travel and see the world.

Bare Foods fruit deliveries can cater for small, medium and large offices. Interested in a box? Simply visit and get in touch!

Last year the traders of the Bearpit, Bearritos, Bearpit Social and ourselves merged our businesses to create Bearpit Bristol CIC - a social enterprise with the aim to establish the Bearpit as a destination in Bristol through trading & community activities, events & markets.

Supporting the businesses of the Bearpit directly supports the Bearpit as we endeavour to establish the Bearpit as a destination that is safe and welcoming.

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