Meet Sarah

 Sarah Morgan - Operations Manager for Bearpit Bristol CIC

Sarah Morgan - Operations Manager for Bearpit Bristol CIC

When we merged the Bearpit businesses, it was clear an Operations Manager was needed for us to focus on driving the social enterprise forward. The idea of an Operations Manager was thrilling and at the same time a little scary as we had all been so intricately involved in our businesses. Being owner operators was one of the reasons our businesses were so successful. We are big believers that people invest in people and so when Sarah applied, she stood out straight away. Her passion and drive was refreshing and we knew she needed to be part of our team.

How did you hear about Bearpit Bristol CIC?

I’ve been in Bristol for 11 years and have always walked through the area and seen the changes. Megabus changed its location so I fell upon the Bearpit Social for a pre journey bacon roll and coffee and loved it. Then I followed it on Facebook to keep updated.

What made you want to get involved with Bearpit Bristol?

The sense of community, and the commitment to make the area interesting, safe, exciting, full of life, amazing food, events...

What do you want to learn?

As much as possible. Professionally I want to learn how to manage the different areas of business, and work closely with the team to implement new ideas. For myself, I want to learn more about Bristol, and how to work with the community, and the charities, projects and organisations who are involved in the Bearpit.

How is working at Bearpit Bristol - describe your day to day?

So far it’s brilliant, the team are welcoming and the atmosphere is awesome with loads of potential! I don’t have a set schedule here, but I’m jumping around the three business and learning the ropes. I am spending time getting to know everyone and fix any  there may be.

Finally, what has your best memory of the Bearpit been so far?

On a personal level it was a while ago when I came here with a mate during a photography workshop around the city, and sat in the sun eating tacos, I just remember thinking it was a cool space, and a bus that makes Mexican street food is my idea of fun.

Now that you’ve spent some time in the Bearpit getting to know the people and businesses, what would you envision your perfect summer Bearpit day?

We would have big sharing tables, and customers would be buying their lunches, coffee, fruit and smoothies from a choice from all three unique offerings but sitting together. There would be music in the background, and volunteers doing some gardening. It would be busy and bustling.

As Operations Manager, if you could have an event in the Bearpit what would it be?

I would love to see a regular morning yoga slot - and then people grabbing fresh fruit or juice afterwards.

Anything that would combine food and music ( so maybe a BBQ and DJ decks on the go) would also be something I would like to see!

What do you do with your free time?

Mostly spend time with mates, enjoying everything Bristol has to offer. And eating.

What habit are you proud of?

I will always over feed you if you come for dinner.

In ode to Bearritos, describe your dream burrito:

As spicy as possible. Chicken and Halloumi, lashings of hot salsa, jalapenos, smashed tortillas and loads of sour cream and of course GUACAMOLE