Miriam Delogu

Managing Director

Miriam's journey began in the Bearpit in 2012 with one goal. To make it a safe and welcoming destination using food as the vehicle to bring people together. Founding Bearpit Social in 2013 and becoming Managing Director of Bearpit Bristol CIC in the summer of 2017 she continues to work to this goal.



Robin Halpenny

Strategic Director

Robin is our visionary director. He is focused on figuring out the solutions for long term sustainability as an organisation but also as our role in this beautiful city we call Bristol. He has an incredible mind and a big heart who not only knows how to think big but certainly can deliver. He was a founding Director of the Bearpit Improvement Group, responsible for bringing funding and trading into the space. After a stint in the corporate world he couldn't deny his heart was in the Bearpit and founded Bearritos in 2015. He was instrumental in the creation of Bearpit Bristol CIC been eligible in being successful candidate for the Resonance SITR fund.


Simon Green

Training and Education Director

Simon started his journey in the Bearpit selling tacos on the side whilst being a Geography teacher. His love for the Bearpit was instant and Miriam recalled this when Robin was looking for a business partner for Bearritos. He created our catering kitchen and expanded Bearritos into night trading. He's often found engaging with students in regards to the Bearpit being a regeneration project or teaching/sharing with staff his passion for food. Currently his working with the Mexican Cultural Society to foster collaborative opportunities.