Robin Halpenny

Commercial Manager

Robin will take on an operations development role while overseeing the top level project delivery and commercial plan. This role is critical to ensure the business is able to scale while hitting key metrics revenue, cost of sale and wage targets.



Miriam Delogu

Communications and Social Impact Manager

Miriam will be responsible for marketing & communications; co-creating the strategy, developing the business brands & supporting marketing material, developing marketing tactics while overseeing the delivery of the communication plan. Miriam will also be champion for social impact, ensuring that our social aims are achieved. 


Tina Hart

Business Development & Events

Tina Hart will be responsible for business development; focused on leading delivery of planned initiatives, including the diverse calendar of events. This role is critical to deliver the revenue targets in years 1-3, evolving to focus more on product development in later years. Tina will champion community engagement.


Simon Green

Food Development

Simon will be responsible for heading up food operations. Key to this will be creating the working commercial kitchen with clear processes and communication between the  business units and kitchen. Simon will also champion our education and training program, working with local schools, colleges and support services to develop training, education and work opportunities for young people in Bristol.