Bearpit Banquet Sept 2016 - Collaboration with Bristol Biennial

Bearpit Banquet Sept 2016 - Collaboration with Bristol Biennial


Our Vision

Our vision is to create a safe & welcoming destination, building a community based on diversity and inclusivity. We see the commercial operation as directly leading the safe and welcoming agenda while enabling the framework for diversity and inclusivity. 

Bearpit Bristol will establish itself as a destination in Bristol, with uncompromising customer and community principles. Our ambition is to showcase Bristol’s first ‘Community Action Zone’. The following principles will be used to guide us to help measure the appropriateness of our decisions. Our social impact strategy shows our organisation’s path from needs to activities to outcomes to impact.

- Put community & diversity at the heart of everything we do

- Create a safe, welcome, diverse and inclusive work environment

- Work with suppliers & partners to seek local and sustainable options for our food 

- Apply the highest standards of excellence to food preparation & customer service

- Contribute to the community and our environment

- Recognise that smart business practices and profitability is key to sustainable success


Social Impact

In our first quarter as the newly formed social enterprise we were able to create 2 new full time jobs growing our team to 15 plus volunteers. We increased our infrastructure with a purpose built commercial kitchen & delivery vehicle which greatly enhances our food production and training opportunities.

On the 8th of April we held our first community event of the year which saw over 1000 attendees. It was the most collaborative and diverse event the Bearpit had ever seen in the 5 years we'd been here. 

We are pleased to see that through our planning and action with the Stakeholder Group the Bearpit is no longer in Bristol’s top 20 crime hotspots. 

For the next quarter our focus will be in increasing our community partnerships and positive use of the space through markets and activities whilst creating a coordinator role to carry it forward. 

 Members of the public taking part in the Riot Dance workshop

Members of the public taking part in the Riot Dance workshop